Raising Minimum Wage: A Bad Idea at the Wrong Time for Sacramento 

By Metro Chamber|July 23, 2015|Advocacy|

Ahead of the City of Sacramento’s task force on Income Inequality exploring an increase to the minimum wage for the City of Sacramento, Metro Chamber CEO Peter Tateishi outlined the Chamber’s concerns in an opinion editorial for the Sacramento Bee.

The proposal poses a huge risk at a critical juncture in our city’s economic renaissance. A drastic increase will undermine the progress we’ve made toward creating a vibrant capital city and deal a blow to those restaurateurs, craft brewers and innovators who are driving our recovery. And it will counter the large public investment we’ve made to bring people into downtown Sacramento and persuade them to stay.” Read the entire piece here >

Additionally, we discussed the impacts a raise in one city will have on our regional economy with Channel10 in a piece that aired last night and can be watched here.

The Sacramento Metro Chamber is committed to ensuring a level playing field for our business community across the region and advocating on your behalf, but we need your help.

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