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Recent Election Information

Metro Chamber Endorsed State Propositions

YES on Proposition 14 – Authorizes Bonds Continuing Stem Cell Research

    • If passed, would authorize $5.5B in bonds to continue funding for stem cell therapy development, research and facilities.
    • We SUPPORT Prop. 14 because it will be a catalyst of investment in our life science and research institutions to drive innovation and healthier communities.


YES on Proposition 19 – Changes Certain Property Tax Rules

    • If passed, would change the tax assessment transfers and inheritance rules for property owners.
    • We SUPPORT Prop. 19 because it provides property tax breaks, making it easier for many to buy a home in California.


YES on Proposition 22 – Exempts App-Based Transportation and Delivery Companies From Providing Employee Benefits to Certain Drivers

    • If passed, would consider app-based drivers to be independent contractors and changes some of the provisions in AB5.
    • We SUPPORT Prop. 22 because it allows our app-based drivers to continue as independent contractors, providing them flexible options to work and saving thousands of jobs.


Metro Chamber Endorsed Local Measures

YES on Measure A – Sacramento Mayoral Accountability and Community Equity Act of 2020

    • Commonly known as Accountable Mayor, if passed would revise the city’s current “council-manager” form of government to a “mayor-council” form.
    • We SUPPORT Measure A because it creates clear lines of accountability and allows business to hold our elected leaders accountable for the direction of city resources.


Metro Chamber Opposed State Propositions

NO on Proposition 15 – Increases Funding Sources for Public Schools, Community Colleges, and Local Government Services by Changing Tax Assessment of Commercial and Industrial Property

    • Commonly known as split roll, if passed this measure requires commercial and industrial properties to be taxed based upon market value, ultimately raising property taxes for any property valued over $3M.
    • We OPPOSE Prop. 15 because it will drive up the cost of living for all of us and be devastating to our small businesses.


NO on Proposition 21 – Expands Local Governments’ Authority to Enact Rent Control on Residential Property

    • If passed, would expand local governments’ authority to establish rent control on residential properties.
    • We OPPOSE Prop. 21 as it will prevent critical, affordable housing development in our region, and drive rent and housing costs even higher.


Metro Chamber Opposed Local Measures

NO on Measure C – Sacramento Community Stabilization and Fair Rent Charter Amendment

    • If passed, would create yet another level of bureaucracy by way of an elected rental-housing board responsible for regulating rent and eviction protections.
    • We OPPOSE Measure C as it adds an additional layer of bureaucracy and expense to local government, and will cripple our ability to expand housing supply and construction jobs.


Election Day: November 3, 2020

The general election is November 3. Every vote counts! There are two ways you can vote:

1.All registered voters in Sacramento County will receive their official ballot in the mail during the first week of October. You can return your voted ballot at any Ballot Drop Box, Vote Center, or mail it back – no stamp needed!

2. Sacramento County will still be providing the same number of in-person voting locations, called Vote Centers​, that will be open for multiple days leading up to the election. However, due to social distancing requirements, we will be limiting the amount of people allowed in the voting area at one time. Be prepared for lines. You can go to any Voting Center to vote.

To learn more visit: elections.saccounty.net.

Important dates for this election:

October 19  Last Day to Register to Vote
October 24  Select Vote Centers Open
October 31  All Vote Centers Open
November 3 Election Day/Last Day to Turn In Ballot
December 1 Last Day for County to Certify Results

If outside Sacramento County, or to find your Vote Center, text “Vote” to GOVOTE (468683) to find your polling place or call (800) 345-VOTE.

2020 Metro Chamber Voter Guide

The Metro Chamber Voter Guide was created to help explain the most pressing issues before us and our strong recommendations for those candidates and initiatives that have gone through our extensive vetting process. As we move into the recovery stage of the COVID-19 Pandemic and advance equitable and diverse practices, it is critical that we elect leaders and pass legislation that will allow our economy to mitigate the negative effects of our current reality. More so, we must set up our region for success well into the future. This guide will help illustrate what we believe is the most solid path forward for the Capital Region and we hope that you’ll consider these positions as you cast your ballot.


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