Advocating for City Housing

By Metro Chamber|August 26, 2015|Advocacy|

Last night, Sacramento Mayor Johnson’s blueprint for constructing 10,000 new housing units in the central city – the Downtown Housing Initiative Plan (DHIP) – passed the Sacramento city council unanimously. The DHIP was crafted by a broad-based community steering committee, including the Metro Chamber, who spoke in support of the conceptual framework at the hearing. Highlights of the proposal include:

• downtown-specific plan and environmental impact report, which will speed entitlement approval and environmental clearances;
• fee deferrals and incentives for housing construction;
• streamlined permitting and building process reviews;
• a sensible mixed income housing ordinance fee schedule; and
• a toolkit for developers to help advise them on application requirements and incentives.

The Chamber will stay engaged with the City to ensure the spirit of these governing principals are incorporating into the final policies adopted. Read more >

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