Council votes to raise Sacramento’s minimum wage to $12.50

By Metro Chamber|October 27, 2015|News Coverage|

Three council members, Steve Hansen, Eric Guerra and Angelique Ashby, echoed those concerns. Ashby, who is running for mayor, said she felt the proposal was not supported by most Sacramentans.

“If I got emails that said, ‘this would help so many people, and we do this all the time’, we would be willing, I would be willing, to take a chance. But I don’t know what I’m taking a chance on. And I’m hearing overwhelmingly from the business community we don’t want to do it, and the labor community saying let’s try to do this another way through the state,” she said.

During the vote, Mayor Kevin Johnson said, “We don’t want to wait for [California] to act on minimum wage.”

During the vote, one woman was removed by police.

Sacramento’s current minimum wage is the same as the state’s, at $9/hour. It will now rise to $10/hour on January 1st and then incrementally until 2020.

Source: ABC10

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