Metro Chamber Opposes Moving Forward with Minimum Wage Increase for City of Sacramento

By Metro Chamber|October 21, 2015|Advocacy|

Following months of good-faith negotiations, resulting in a comprehensive recommendation on how to approach a minimum wage increase, the Metro Chamber, in partnership with the Keep Sacramento Working (KSW) coalition is now formally opposing an increase to the minimum wage for the City of Sacramento.

“The original Task Force recommendation was not what KSW worked towards, but we recognized this was the best option the Task Force could agree upon, and we supported and respected the process,” said Peter Tateishi, President & CEO, Sacramento Metro Chamber and Task Force and KSW member. “Unfortunately, some Task Force members have opted to work behind the scenes to undermine the original recommendation negotiated in good-faith. At this point, there is no proposal we’ve seen during evolving conversations that adequately protects our business community and economic recovery.”


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