Wellness Within

By Metro Chamber|November 17, 2015|Membership Spotlights|

In 2009, Patti Brown, Wellness Within Founder & Executive Director, received a call that changed the course of her life. A call from a friend hearing she was just diagnosed with cancer. It was at this point that Patti knew what she needed to do. As a psychotherapist with over 20 years of experience, Patti made the leap from a thriving practice to the non-profit world to help others with the devastating and heartbreaking news of this disease.

Wellness Within was born through this compassion and need to help heal, not the disease itself, but the soul.

Wellness Within was not established to find a cure or raise money to find a cure; rather, its mission is to help navigate the assaults on the mind, body and spirit. Their programs gives clients the expertise, support and love to help them understand the larger impact of what having a cancer diagnosis means for each individual. The mission is to offer tools that speak to the needs of each individual, to restore healing and instill hope.

Nestled in old, quiet Roseville, the beautiful 19th century home sits under big trees and is set back off the street. This serene backdrop immediately invites peace and calm. Between the fully stocked bookcase and the overstuffed couches, the comfort of this space allows for the tranquil and relaxed mood. They offer multiple classes to their clients like Nourishing Yoga, Mindful Meditation and Foods to Nourish. Patti’s belief is based on honoring the integration of medical treatments and coupling it with mind body practices that enhances the quality of life with dignity and hope.

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