Business Community Lists Their Priorities for Sacramento

By Metro Chamber|January 21, 2016|Advocacy, News Coverage|

Some of the most powerful and influential names in Sacramento are making an informal request about what they want from the next mayor.

Developers, entrepreneurs, the Metro Chamber of Commerce and the Downtown Sacramento Partnership have publicly presented a list of what they call “principles and priorities” in a collective effort to make the Capital City one of the strongest economic leaders of California.

“The momentum is in our favor right now so how do we continue to capitalize on that and keep it going?” said Peter Tateishi with the Sacramento Metro Chamber.

Tateishi says that improved public services, long term business friendly policies and the development of a prepared workforce are just some of the ways Sacramento can become the Next Great American City.

“They wanted to make sure that the business community had a consistent message out there, in principles at least, talking about ideas so we could begin a conversation,” Tateishi said.

Tateishi says the informal checklist is intended to show that the business community is eager to work more closely with our political leaders so that they can all be a part of who we are about to become.

Source: KFBK

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