Fewer Human Beings Needed in Sales

By Metro Chamber|May 16, 2016|News Coverage|

Online shopping is so convenient that it is changing the way Americans buy almost everything. The experts say that is not good news for people who work in sales.

Given that online sales of apparel are expected to surpass sales at stores like Macy’s by next year, retailers are looking at ways to cut overhead and stay in business.

Peter Tateishi is the CEO and President of the Sacramento Metropolitan Chamber. He says the trend of reducing the sales force at brick and mortar stores has not impacted the Sacramento region as much as other parts of the state, but that could be changing with retailers facing higher rents, labor and other costs of doing business in California.

KFBK financial expert Kelly Brothers of Genovese, Burford and Brothers in Sacramento says he believes brick and mortar stores will likely reduce the number of cashiers and others who do not provide customer service that is likely to generate return business. However, quality sales people and customer service representatives will probably still be able to find work.

Tateishi agrees that Sacramento-area businesses will likely begin looking at more automation, like sales kiosks located in restaurants, where human interaction is not absolutely necessary.

Source: KFBK

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