Sacramento Sees Economic Benefit From Amgen Tour

By Metro Chamber|May 23, 2016|News Coverage|

Amgen 2016 SacramentoThe Amgen Tour didn’t just bring out the best cyclists but also some much needed tourism.

From over 200 countries watching from around the world, to thousands of cheering fans lining the streets, Sacramento is definitely leaving its mark on the map.

This is the 8th time in the race’s 11-year-history that Sacramento has been thrust into the spotlight.



“It’s a way for us to really show the beauty of the region to not only a fan base of cyclists but also the international community at large,” said Colleen Spitz, Vice President of Marketing and Communication for the Sacramento Metro Chamber.


Spitz said we already have a variety of reasons for why Sacramento should be a prime tourist destination, from the state Capitol to our excellent selection of craft beer.

“Clearly, as the farm-to-fork capitol, the plethora of restaurants, bars, nightlife that we offer here, I think, is something that still surprises people, which is wonderful for us.”

Spitz said the race itself also provides many economic benefits. “The race organizers were estimating that there’s an over $100-million dollar impact to local economies,” stated Spitz.

Spitz said every year, the Amgen Tour shows that Sacramento is not only the destination for cycling but the destination for fun as well.

Source: KFBK

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