New Sacramento Metro Chamber Program Sponsors Young Entrepreneurs

By Metro Chamber|July 19, 2016|Foundation, News Coverage|

The Sacramento Metro Chamber is launching a new program that aims to connect young talent in our job market to the businesses that most benefit our communities.

It’s called the Metro Chamber Foundation, and it focuses on community development through the promotion of those young professionals and emerging leaders in the local work force.

President and CEO Peter Tateishi says philanthropy is also a big part of the foundation.

“It’s a 501C3, so it is a public charity in that sense,” Tateishi said. “It is an arm of the Metro Chamber. It’s taking programs that the Chamber has already been running, and just moving them into the charitable component.”

A couple of the programs that make up the Foundation are Metro Edge and Leadership Sacramento, designed to bridge education and workforce gaps for recent college grads or others trying to get involved with Sacramento businesses.

There is also Inspire Giving, which is a yearly endowment that helps bring it grants and other funding.

Together the 3 programs help connect young entrepreneurs to opportunity, while encouraging businesses to give back to their neighboring communities.

Source: KFBK

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