CupAJoy – A Caffeinated Dream for Gift Givers

By Metro Chamber|November 29, 2016|Membership Spotlights|

As a social entrepreneur who has always been mission-driven, it occurred to Shell Mendelson that gifting coffee via text and/or email would be a simple way to uplift folks and share love while enabling everyone to help those coffee growers who struggle to keep families fed, and to support our local independent businesses. She knew deep down that good coffee could be life-changing!

Her love for coffee began in college. A friend/barista from a cool independent coffee house literally pushed a cup of French roast in front of her. With a huge “I got this” smile, he said “try this.” He watched as she took the first sip and then slyly shook his head: “I know.”

That was many years before the current coffee culture exploded.

CupAJoy launched in Sacramento, with 13 coffee houses and is growing strong. They want to make you, their customers, so happy that CupAJoy is the first feel good action you take before calling the florist or sending an expensive gift basket. Every company would benefit from having CupAJoy as an affordable gifting alternative.

So support your local independent business folks by sending a gift card to a friend and let them support a local coffee shop by ordering from the specialty coffee menu. Remember a portion of our proceeds will go to the International Women’s Coffee Alliance to help support women coffee growers and their families worldwide.


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