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By Metro Chamber|March 23, 2017|Foundation, Inspire Giving|

By: Karlee Cemo-McIntosh
Marketing & Business Development Manager for Sacramento365, Visit Sacramento

I got involved with Inspire Giving in May 2015. For those of you who know the man (or even the name) Sean O’Brien, you probably find it hard to believe he was the one to recruit me.

While Sean may believe it was his persuasion that sold me, the unique concept of Inspire Giving is what really motivated me to get involved.

Inspire Giving is unique for a few reasons. First, every year the nonprofit awards another regional nonprofit a $10,000 grant and partnership to help complete a project that furthers the cause and development of the recognized recipient. In seven years, Inspire Giving has donated $75,000 in grants to seven nonprofits – Roberts Family Development Center, Soil Born Farms, River City Food Bank, St. John’s, 916 Ink, Sacramento Food Bank and Family Services, and Lilliput Families – leveraging an additional $975,000 in volunteer and in-kind services.

The second unique quality of Inspire Giving is that a one-time minimum donation of $250 towards the endowment makes you a member for life! Yes, you read that correctly, a lifetime member. However, you are always welcome to give more. (Side note – Big Day of Giving aka May 4, 2017, would be a fantastic day to do so!)

What does becoming an Inspire Giving member mean?

It means you become part of a network of peers who share a common passion: to make a positive social impact in the Sacramento region by joining other donors to celebrate philanthropy and together, make a larger financial impact than one individual could ever make on their own. As a member, you can volunteer with the designated project, join a committee with fellow community-oriented, passionate Sacramentans, and each year, collaboratively select, via a voting process, the new grant recipient.

I’ve had the opportunity to work with some remarkable organizations and there are many causes I am passionate about – ending domestic violence in our community, beating cancer, supporting the arts, and so on. The work Inspire Giving does not only assist other nonprofits with the finances and resources to complete an impactful project, but it gives Inspire Giving members a unique opportunity to educate themselves and get involved with a variety of organizations and causes that continuously are bettering our community.

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