Comstock’s Chamber View: Advocating for our Business Community

By Metro Chamber|May 1, 2017|Advocacy, News Coverage|

A strong, vibrant region begins with the quality of its jobs. At the Sacramento Metro Chamber, we work daily to create an environment that supports job creators. Whether by helping businesses through the services offered at our Small Business Development Center or fighting for policies and regulations that promote job creation, the Metro Chamber is constantly advocating on behalf of the business community to create a prosperous Capital Region.

Now more than ever, the business community needs representation, especially at the state and federal levels. Too often, decision makers are quick to pass laws while failing to understand the unintended consequences and red tape that can shackle business owners and entrepreneurs and stifle growth. The costs of these laws can be high and often results in less hours for employees, the loss of jobs, or worse, the failure of the business itself. Instead of introducing bills placing additional restraints on business, we encourage our elected representatives to stay focused on supporting our growing economy and the long-term development of our region. Through ongoing dialogue with our elected leaders, and continued advocacy for our members, we can create an opportunity economy, laser focused on quality jobs and a thriving business community full of opportunity.

The Metro Chamber prioritizes advocacy and incorporates it into everything we do. Through our engagement with our elected leaders at all levels of government, we make certain that the concerns of businesses are presented and discussed. In many cases, we have been successful in stopping harmful legislation, and in others, we have helped minimize its negative impacts. It’s true that in California, business does not often win, but there is power in numbers, and together, we can have a greater impact, influence outcomes and create wins for business.

Change takes time, and most businesses are unable to dedicate the time and resources needed to fight bad legislation or educate their local public officials. By belonging to the Metro Chamber, you are ensured that your business has a constant advocate looking out for you, making sure your voice is heard and supporting your needs, so you can grow your business in our Capital Region.

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