Metro Chamber Supports Electrify America’s ZEV Infrastructure Investment in Sacramento

By Metro Chamber|August 2, 2017|Advocacy|

On July 27, our Senior Vice President of Public Policy & Economic Development, Robert Dugan, testified on behalf of the Metro Chamber in support of the California Air Resources Board approving a $44 million grant to the City of Sacramento to promote zero-emission vehicles (ZEV). Here is the testimony he gave:

Good Afternoon Chair Nichols, Board Members, and Staff,

My name is Robert Dugan – I’m the Senior Vice President for Public Policy and Economic Development at the Sacramento Metro Chamber. I am here today on behalf of our member businesses, local government agencies and civic organizations throughout California’s six county Capital region.

Since its inception 120 years ago, the Metro Chamber has been a leader in advocating for and supporting regional economic success, embracing innovation and economic evolution,  and supporting organic job and business growth in the region. We take pride in the role that we play and are here in full support of the proposed ZEV investment plan, specifically the designation of Sacramento as the Green City, which will become a focal point for Electrify America’s ZEV infrastructure investment.

As a fast-growing region of 2.4 million people— The California capital region is knit together with strong regional partnerships, from local governments to workforce and education systems, civic engagement and the business community.

From our suburban communities to our urban core there’s an appreciation, an understanding, and broad based support for the important role that each community in the region plays a part of the whole – and the importance of our urban core – the City of Sacramento. That translates directly to what is being discussed today and the possibility that comes with this designation.

We are ready to run with this designation. And we are here to urge the Board’s adoption of the plan you have before you.

As Mayor Steinberg so clearly pointed out, Sacramento is poised to make this vision a reality.

Our strengths are not limited to our ability to execute as a green city and build infrastructure, but also our ability to work with our Business community, higher Ed partners, and our local schools and community partners throughout the region to:

  • Continue to create workforce development opportunities and programming to support the Innovation economy and provide opportunities to the underserved in our region to seize the American dream of meaningful employment and a contribution to something greater.
  • Continue to grow our green research and development.
  • Continue to grow and focus our manufacturing sector to meet the demands that will come.

In closing, We are confident that the designation you are considering today will result in a proud example for the state –  of what’s possible when a region and its community interests come together to embrace the future. The Metro Chamber and the Capital Region’s business community stands ready to embrace, support, and execute on this opportunity.

Thank you.

For more information, read this article from Sacramento Business Journal.

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