Why Political Advocacy Matters

By Metro Chamber|August 17, 2017|Advocacy|

The Sacramento Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce has a voice in the political process, as it has since its inception over 120 years ago. This voice takes on added importance in communities where the political environment is often hostile to economic growth and job creation. This is why we continue the Chamber’s longstanding tradition of serving the interests of our members in the political arena by battling proposals that can limit economic growth like onerous regulations and supporting policies that drive job creation and entrepreneurship.

Despite our success, the most pressing challenge for the region’s business community is being heard in an election process that has become increasingly more costly and competitive. In the 2016 election cycle, nearly $700 million was spent on state legislative races and ballot measures, not including the money spent on Federal or local elections.

Consequently, the Metro Chamber devotes considerable resources to promoting a pro-growth, pro-jobs public policy agenda, evident at the annual Cap-to-Cap program to Washington D.C., the State Legislative Summit and in various local initiatives we support or oppose. The elected leaders who embrace our agenda understand that a strong and vibrant economy, led by increasing job growth, means more tax revenue for public services that protect our region’s quality of life, such as excellent schools, strong public infrastructure, and safe neighborhoods.

Remarkably, embracing common sense policies places some elected leaders at risk on Election Day. This is why Metro PAC exists – to ensure that local pro-business candidates have the resources to wage a successful campaign.

Remember, Metro PAC has a longstanding tradition of championing the interests of job creators and electing leaders concerned with protecting our region’s quality of life. If Metro PAC cannot effectively serve this role, who will?

So, please join local business and political leaders for Metro PAC’s annual fundraiser being held this year at the historic Firehouse Restaurant in Old Sacramento, on September 21, 2017 at 5:30 p.m. Your financial support, as a guest or sponsor, is greatly appreciated. Even if you can’t attend the event, your financial support is still appreciated.

Thank you for your consideration.




Marko Mlikotin
Metro PAC Chair

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