Advocating for our Small Business Community

By Metro Chamber|March 1, 2018|Advocacy, News Coverage|

The Sacramento Metro Chamber works daily to create an environment that supports the needs of small businesses because we know they are what drives our economy. Whether through the services offered by our Capital Region Small Business Development Center (SBDC) or through fighting for policies and regulations that protect and promote business at the local, state, and federal level, the Metro Chamber is laser-focused on helping our region’s businesses grow, providing meaningful employment opportunities, and creating a prosperous region.

The Chamber is the region’s leading voice and advocates for businesses of all sizes. For instance, our State Legislative Summit happening this month, is comprised of teams who will meet with state legislators on issues that impact the region as a whole – from business regulation, infrastructure, housing, agriculture, air quality, and health care, to workforce and education, and our region’s economic competitiveness, these issue areas impact and touch all businesses. And next month, our 48th Cap-to-Cap program will take more than 300 regional leaders to Washington D.C. to advocate at the federal level for our region’s businesses, overall business climate, and economy.

Through direct engagement with elected and appointed leaders at all levels of government, we work every day to ensure that our region’s businesses have a seat at the table in the halls of government. In many cases, we have been successful in stopping harmful legislation, and in others, we have helped to lessen negative impacts due to bad legislation.

On the business development front, we began operations of the Capital Region SBDC in 2014. The SBDC provides small business owners and entrepreneurs a direct partner to find the advice they need to strengthen their business acumen and operations, and secure financing to reach their business goals. Since 2014, the SBDC has helped close to 1800 entrepreneurs with business plan development, start-up assistance, access to capital, and sales and marketing initiatives, and more. These efforts have resulted in 138 new business starts in our region, almost 1000 jobs created/retained by local small businesses, and well over $35M in capital.

When you work with the Metro Chamber, you ensure that your business has a constant advocate looking out for you, making sure your voice is heard and supporting your needs, so you can grow your business in our Capital Region. Let’s work together for a stronger and more prosperous business community.





Source: Comstock’s Magazine

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