Inspire Giving: Why I Give

By Metro Chamber|April 24, 2018|Foundation, Inspire Giving|

Why I Give
By Taylor Toledo
3fold Communications, Account Manager

When I joined Metro EDGE in 2015, I didn’t have much experience in the realm of philanthropy. I knew that it was good and right and ethical to support important causes, but I had never found ‘the one’. Enter Metro EDGE and its goal of developing and empowering young leaders, and with that its involvement in developing and empowering emerging causes.

With the education I received from Metro EDGE and the Metro Chamber, I became excited about opportunities to support philanthropies that are making a difference in our region. When I learned more about Inspire Giving, I learned how easy it is to give, time or money, and how impactful each donation was. I signed up to donate a small sum each month, to at least know that I was donating to a cause that was sure to impact the region.

As a young professional still learning to navigate the philanthropy space, I had peace of mind that my dollars were being responsibly pooled and I was becoming a part of a network of peers who share a common passion: to make a positive social impact in the Sacramento region. Because giving to Inspire Giving is more than just that. It’s building a circle of friends, colleagues, and supporters around the central idea of making Sacramento the best that it can be, one dollar, one hour, one shared social media post at a time.

Nearly three years later and my small sum has multiplied and I can see my investment being used to grow and support important regional causes. Nearly three years later and I’ve made connections through giving to Inspire Giving that will last a lifetime, and with whom I’ll share many more Sacramento-centric experiences. Nearly three years later, and I’ve found a cause that I can call ‘the one’.


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