Chamber View: Building Upon 123 Years of Opportunity

By Metro Chamber|June 1, 2018|News Coverage|

Since 1895, the Sacramento Metro Chamber has put community first. From recruiting Midwesterners to our golden hills during the Gold Rush to convening conversations on important topics today like our growing food economy, the Metro Chamber inherently recognizes it is the people who live here, and the work we do together that make our region great.

It is my honor to officially take the reigns as the Metro Chamber’s President and CEO as of May 1, and I could not be more excited about what is to come.

Unofficially, I had the pleasure of being a part of this year’s Capitol-to-Capitol program. Spending a week with almost 400 of the Capital Region’s most influential and visionary leaders coming together in Washington D.C. as one voice to effectively advocate for our region was truly inspiring and further fueled my passion that the road ahead is lined with possibilities.

The Capital Region is experiencing a time of tremendous opportunity. There is a growing culture of awareness, a desire for collaboration, and a willingness to explore new ideas. As our region evolves, the Metro Chamber is committed to playing a major role in creating impact for the issues that are important to the development of the economy, jobs and our quality of life.

I truly believe that at the center of any thriving community is a thriving business community. As President and CEO, my vision for the chamber is to ensure a regional environment that allows everyone the opportunity for success.

The Metro Chamber is committed to fighting for a dynamic business climate, a vibrant and interconnected workforce, infrastructure that supports regional needs, and ultimately, a happy, healthy, community that embraces our diversity and creates opportunity for all of our region’s citizens to unlock their potential and lead an engaged and fulfilling life.

The Metro Chamber has been helping design our region for over 120 years and we will continue to do what it takes to represent the needs of our business community, large and small, so that our region is undeniably the best place to live, work, and play. The time is now to embrace everything that we can become. Join us.

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