Saint John’s Program for Real Change

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Saint John’s Program for Real Change

Organization Overview

Saint John’s Program for Real Change knows there’s no easy way to escape living in crisis. As a shelter and program for women escaping homelessness, poverty, and abuse, Saint John’s is familiar with the resilience needed to overcome adversity at any cost. Their program is designed to support women in taking responsibility for themselves and their families, making the first leap toward sustainability. Each family receives an average of 675 hours of services each month and 96% of women are placed in non-subsidized employment upon completion of our employment training.

In 2014, Saint John’s Program for Real Change received the Inspire Giving grant to remodel and complete a patio dining area at Plates Midtown, a restaurant in Midtown that gives the women in the program the ability to achieve job readiness and career education.

How is COVID-19 impacting Saint John’s?

With the onset of the pandemic, Saint John’s Program for Real Change has been greatly impacted. Perhaps the greatest setback has been postponing major fundraising events, including their monthly Guest Chef Dinners. 

Additionally the entire organization will be challenged by the suspension of operations at their revenue-generating social enterprises and the campus closure to visitors, including volunteers who regularly provide, prepare and serve many of our weekly meals to our women and children.

How Can I Help?

The biggest need is financial donations to ensure Saint John’s has enough food and supplies for all the women and children on campus right now. With all women and children on campus now full time, Saint John’s food expenses have already seen a drastic increase in need, and a drastic decrease in support.

Make a financial donation:

Create your own fundraiser to benefit Saint John’s:

Donate items: (please note the best and safest way to do so would be to visit our Amazon Wish List available on the website):

Will they be participating in the Big Day of Giving? 

Yes! You can find their GivingEdge profile here:

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