Metro Chamber Advocates For Business At Sacramento City Council On Infill Housing & Strong Mayor Initiatives

By Metro Chamber|July 30, 2020|Advocacy, Metro Chamber|

The Sacramento Metro Chamber represented the interests of businesses in our region and most especially our city at the City Council meeting held Tuesday, July 28. Two items from the agenda (which can be found HERE) were advocated for, and successfully won.

Item 19 involves the establishment of ministerial approval (staff approval) of housing projects will now take place for infill housing projects from 2-200 units that meet select criteria. Under this process, if housing project meets the city of Sacramento design standards and consistent with the General Plan, projects will:

  • Be approved and permit within 90 days
  • No public hearings required
  • No CEQA review
  • No prevailing wage or labor requirement

As noted by the Chamber’s Public Policy consultant, Erika Bjork: “At a time in which construction and development financing are more challenging than ever, we need to provide whatever tools we can to streamline the process and provide timeline predictability that is crucial to both builders, and those that finance these projects. The recommendations and language that is before you today will help support a cross-section of builders and projects – vital resources of both people and place – that we need now more than ever, to not only increase our housing units, but also continue to provide safe, consistent and skilled jobs for our workforce.”

More information on this issue can be found HERE. This is the second of two recent ordinances by the city to streamline the development process that has been supported by the Metro Chamber.  On April 7, 2020, City Council passed the Ad Hoc Ordinance Streamlining and Planning Entitlement Process which helps in the approval process of select projects by eliminating automatic Planning Commission public hearings for select projects that meet select industrial, mixed-use or residential standards.  Learn more about the city of Sacramento’s streamlining efforts HERE.

Additionally, the Council heard Item 21, the Mayoral Accountability and Community Equity Act (otherwise known as Strong Mayor or Executive Mayor), presented by Mayor Steinberg. The Metro Chamber successfully advocated for inclusion of small business impact lens for city policy and budgetary decisions as they relate to this matter. The Mayor will come back with final language and recommendation to Council on Aug 4, 2020. Brandon Black with the Metro Chamber provided testimony affirming our support for transparency and accountability, especially at the highest levels of local government. This item will be back again next week for the final step in the legislative process.

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