Metro Chamber Supports Proposed Ballot Measure to Reduce Homelessness

By Metro Chamber|March 15, 2022|Press Releases|

Sacramento, Calif. – The Sacramento Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce has announced its public support of a local proposed ballot measure to reduce homelessness in the region.

The Emergency Temporary Shelter and Enforcement Act of 2022 demands an immediate and urgent response from the city of Sacramento, requiring the city to increase shelter space and enforce current laws regarding unauthorized camping.

“The Sacramento region’s homelessness crisis has gone on too long, it’s time for a real solution,” said Amanda Blackwood, President and CEO of the Sacramento Metro Chamber of Commerce. “It’s a complex crisis only solved by a collaborative partnership between public officials, private business and local communities. No one entity has to carry it all; it requires an ‘all-hands-on-deck’ type of approach.”

Identifying workable solutions for businesses navigating issues related to the homeless crisis is one of the Metro Chamber’s topline initiatives for 2022. As a strong voice for business in the region, the Metro Chamber is committed to helping to bring business back to the central city after a difficult few years.

“Sacramento’s business owners support this proposed measure and stand ready to do our part to move forward with an effort that is in the best interest of all parties,” continued Blackwood. “That said, the Metro Chamber stresses the importance to both city and county leaders that the region’s business community needs to know that their employees and patrons are safe and that the laws will be enforced.”

“The county must provide the mental and health services needed by the men, women and children who are homeless. The city and county must provide the shelter. And as taxpayers, we have an expectation that these two pillars – services and shelter – are non-negotiables.”

The county of Sacramento is also considering a similar ballot initiative, focusing on the services provided by the county – mental health, addiction, and human services.



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