Hear from CEO Amanda Blackwood on How Metro Chamber Supports Solutions for Homelessness

By Metro Chamber|June 29, 2022|News Coverage|

Amanda Blackwood, CEO

Identifying workable solutions for businesses navigating issues related to the homeless crisis is one of Metro Chamber’s topline initiatives for 2022, and as our members know, the Sacramento region’s homelessness crisis has gone on too long.

It’s not an easy crisis to solve, but it can be done – and we’re seeing it being done – through a collaborative partnership between public officials, private business and local communities.

Due to the leadership and advocacy efforts of Metro Chamber staff and members, the City of Sacramento has recently taken great strides toward lessening this regional crisis. In April, the Council approved the Emergency Temporary Shelter and Enforcement Act of 2022 put forward by the Sacramentans for Safe and Clean Streets and Parks coalition. We played a huge role in making this happen, and I am grateful for your efforts.

Also due to our leadership and advocacy efforts, Sacramento County has prioritized this crisis by allocating funding for housing and shelter; mental health services; and substance use disorder treatment. This is a huge “win” for the business community, and I am pleased to see the county addressing this issue.

Another recent Metro Chamber “win” is the approved county’s Tiny Homes project, which will allocate American Rescue Plan Act funds for the creation of a new shelter site located on Florin Road. This will include the purchasing of tiny homes from Pallet Shelter and will provide services through the Department of Human Assistance for two years. Metro Chamber again played a pivotal role in making this happen.

So, what is next in our efforts to solve Sacramento’s homeless problem? As the leading voice for business in the region, Metro Chamber will continue to lead a strategic and collaborative effort to ensure that the city ballot measure is approved by voters in November. We will also continue to lead a public affairs effort to ensure the county adopts a complementary ordinance that further addresses the homeless crisis.

But our success cannot be measured without your public support and effort. With your help, Metro Chamber will ensure that the Sacramento region continues to move forward with a homeless solution that is in the best interest of all parties.

If you’d like to be a part of this solution reach out to Brandon Black, Director of Public Policy & Advocacy at 

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