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By Metro Chamber|July 28, 2022|News Coverage|

Primary Election Results

Last month’s primary election demonstrated the positive impact of YOUR financial contributions to the Metro Political Action Committee (Metro-PAC). By supporting local candidates who elevate the growth of the business community, and with a win rate of over 90% going into November’s General Election, Metro-PAC continues to soar as THE political influencer in the Sacramento Region.

Poised to ensure FOR BUSINESS voices, Metro PAC announced the June Primary wins of several endorsed local candidates –

  • Sacramento County Sheriff – Jim Cooper
  • Sacramento County DA – Thien Ho
  • Sacramento County Supervisor, District 2 – Patrick Kennedy
  • Yolo County DA – Jeff Reisig
  • Yolo County Supervisor, District 2 – Lucas Frerichs 
  • Placer County Supervisor, District 1 – Bonnie Gore
  • City of Sacramento, Council District 7 – Rick Jennings

Further, the following MetroPAC endorsed candidates have declared a runoff for the November General Election:

  • City of Sacramento, Council District 1 – Lisa Kaplan
  • City of Sacramento, Council District 3 – Michael Lynch
  • City of Sacramento, Council District 5 – Tamiko Heim
  • Sacramento County, Supervisor District 5 – Pat Hume
  • State Senate, District 6 – Roger Niello
  • State Senate, District 8 – Angelique Ashby

Speaking of November, we’re not done pushing forward. We still need your help to achieve final victory of our slate.  To contribute to local candidates or get involved in the process, please visit this page and contact Jenna Abbott at

Advocacy Update

Metro Chamber’s political influence is grounded in the boldness of our advocacy program. Whether it be local, state, or federal policies, our leadership and staff understand the difficulties your business face. We fight for policies that support a robust business environment and do not fear tackling issues ourselves when our elected officials don’t get it done. Take for instance – HOMELESSNESS.

Over the past year, the Metro Chamber has led a coalition of community organizers, law enforcement, labor, business, and concerned neighbors from across Sacramento to craft a citizen’s initiative to compel the city to act on homelessness.

The Emergency Shelter and Enforcement Act of 2022, which will be on the City’s ballot in November, will require the creation of emergency temporary homeless shelters and organized safe parking and camping locations. This measure will help clean up our streets while including sensible measures to protect the most vulnerable in our community.

A lot of work must still be done to ensure victory and the Metro Chamber is dedicated to leading the charge to the finish line. With your support, the coalition continues to advocate for public policy that improves the livability, security, and economic vitality of business in the city and creates vibrant neighborhoods for the citizens of our region.

To contribute financially to our success, please visit this page and contact Jenna Abbott at

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