Creating a Brighter Future for Capital Region Businesses

By Metro Chamber|March 8, 2023|Foundation, Metro Chamber, Metro-PAC, News Coverage|

Sacramento Metro Chamber’s female board members, C-suite, and internal staff were recently featured in Comstock Magazine’s Women in Leadership edition (pg. 100).


The Sacramento Metro Chamber of Commerce is one of the nation’s most innovative and successful chambers of commerce thanks in large part to the excellence of the women at the top of the organization. Amanda Blackwood has worked for five years as the first female president and CEO serving in an official full-time capacity in the 128-year history of the organization. The Chamber also has the first-ever all-female C-suite and the most diverse board in Chamber history, with more than 50 percent female representation on the Metro Chamber. Metro Chamber Foundation and MetroPAC boards, respectively. “We stand on the shoulders of many incredible women that have come before us.” says Blackwood. “We truly believe to be of service to the business community we must be reflective of the community. Achieving a historic level of female representation is a critical step in the right direction.’

“The strength of any region is the strength of its people,” she continues. “Being surrounded by an exceptionally talented internal team of diverse and courageous women makes us better every day. Add to that the privilege of working with these boards of powerhouse female leaders who bring their strategic minds, business acumen and deep dedication to our mission and that makes the Metro Chamber a catalyst for change not only in our community but for the entire state of California.” Recently recognized by the Sacramento Business Journal as a 2022 Best Places to Work awardee, the Chamber brings authentic, diverse perspectives to the table to create as much positive change in our communities as possible. “We know that each moment we dedicate to serving the people of the Capital Region we are creating a future by design,” says Blackwood. “And as the mom of two little girls, nothing is more important than chat.”

Article courtesy of Comstock Magazine’s Women in Leadership Edition

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