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Today I am delighted to share that the Metro Chamber has chosen Toronto, Canada, its first international destination since 2009, for its 23rd Annual Study Mission for 2023!

During the closing session of Study Mission 2022 to San Diego, led by 2023 Program Chair Chet Hewitt, delegates expressed a strong desire for a larger city and an international destination with Toronto sparking vibrant interest. Additional outreach to past participants, elected officials and sponsors was conducted to gauge their interest with most expressing excitement and desire for an international program in 2023. The Metro Chamber team then polled the top three city choices comprised of Toronto, Pittsburgh and Raleigh to the broader membership and at the 128th Annual Dinner and Business Awards. Four hundred fifty-seven members responded to the poll and Toronto was most desired destination with 59% of those polled supporting that destination. Raleigh garnered 26% of the poll and Pittsburgh collected 15% of the tally.

Based on this strong data, and with board support, the Metro Chamber team intends to embark to Toronto. Known for its rich multicultural population, strong neighborhood development, myriad adaptive reuse projects, effective and efficient public transportation system, thriving waterfront, vibrant farmers, holiday and public markets, MLS franchise and downtown stadium construction process and success with integrated homeless sheltering, Toronto is sure to offer our Regional delegates an unparalleled learning opportunity.

While dates for this program have not been finalized, we anticipate a late September or mid-October timeframe. International destinations do require a valid PASSPORT, which is currently taking 5-11 weeks to process, so please check your documents and start that process now. Stay tuned for more information as we build our best program yet and, in the interim, get your travel documents in order and plan to come with us!  

Looking forward to the next time I see you!



Jenna Abbott
Senior Vice President, Strategic Initiatives
Sacramento Metro Chamber

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