Scheduled over a calendar year, Leadership Sacramento program begins with an overnight retreat in January followed by monthly day-long sessions. These sessions are held at a variety of locations throughout the region, with each location chosen for its relevance to the topic of the day. Each month focuses on a different subject selected for its direct impact to the quality of life and economic prosperity in the Sacramento region.

In order to keep the agenda for each session subject relevant, timely and interesting, we utilize the connections and talents of a volunteer leader. That volunteer leader—our “day chair”—is an authority on the day’s topic and provides the best expertise and up-to-date information to class participants. Each day chair’s challenge: to give class participants a one-of-a-kind experience that furthers their knowledge of each subject, demonstrates the impact that each subject has on the region and provides information and connections to enable immediate community action on any given subject.


Leadership Sacramento class of 2015 (#LS15) hosted Communications Day, in a location where clear and concise communication is most vital…The Sacramento International Airport. The class received a behind-the-scenes exclusive tour of the airport’s communications tower and spent the day learning from one of the best communicators in Sacramento, Day Chair and 3fold Founder and CEO, Gordon Fowler. Fowler discussed the power of communicating one’s brand to promote personal, professional and civic goals. By the end of the day, the class created personal brand statements, learned how to effectively promote and accomplish brand goals through social media, what it means to truly dress for success and how to take a professional head shot that embodies their very own, and newly developed personal brand. To best summarize the day, a class member stated, “Another 10 day. Truly enjoying and appreciating this LS experience.


#LS15 focused on two driving forces of an economy – Education and Economic Development. The day began with behind-the-scenes insight from our region’s leaders of economic development, Barry Broome, President and CEO of the Greater Sacramento Area Economic Council and Peter Tateishi, President and CEO of the Sacramento Metro Chamber. They were proceeded by an interactive panel of education and workforce leaders, providing the class firsthand insight into what the real issues are within education and how they can each be engaged in a solution.

The afternoon opened with a tour and overview of THE innovative workspace for entrepreneurs, Hacker Lab. Class members were able to familiarize themselves with state-of-the-art equipment (3D printers) and also learn how the space is linking economic development and education, through entrepreneurship. From there, #LS15 put a message into action. Christine Ault,Valley Vision and Matt Notley, Edelman proctored a group exercise, for which members of #LS15 created and presented a marketing pitch, focused on young professional retention and implementation. They answered the question…. ‘Why Sacramento?”

Thank you Day Chairs Jim Alves, Economic Development Manager with SMUD and Dr. Michael Marion, Jr, Associate Vice Provost with Drexel University Sacramento, for creating such an insightful and content-rich day.

A member of #LS15 recalls it as one of their favorite days,
The content was intriguing and relative to my daily work and supporting the growth of our community!


Imagine walking into the Kings Experience Center to be greeted by the Sacramento Kings CEO and President, Chris Granger. In the spirit of “Regional Issues,” members of #LS15 received an in-depth, behind the scenes look at the Sacramento Kings – from the downtown development, to the future home, to the brand that drives the story for the most loyal and passionate fans in the NBA! #LS15 learned from leaders within each development phase, including a behind-the-scenes and private tour of the Golden1 Center construction site; hearing from the Executive Chief of Legends Hospitality about the local (and delicious) concessions to be featured within Golden1 Center, and wrapping up the day at Sleep Train Arena where they gained insight from the marketing team who drives #SacramentoProud. The class finished the day strong by reenacting in-game entertainment, alongside Slamson and the production team. Each element was impactful and tied into the overall strategy of what will make Golden1 Center the best Sports and Entertainment Center in the world. The vision goes beyond the sport of basketball, and focuses on what makes each of us #SacramentoProud.

Green Business Day _ Amber Ravioli

#LS15 class took a first-hand look at the “Business of Being Green.” Chef Patrick Mulvaney coordinated interactive panel discussions focused on what it means to be green in the Sacramento business community. Topics of discussion ranged from sustainability and profitability, led by experts from Package One, SMUD and the City of Sacramento, to the importance of eating locally and organically with representatives from Soil Born Farms, Ruhstaller Brewery, Superior Farms, Passmore Ranch and Mulvaney’s B&L.

In addition to understanding the business side of “being green,” #LS15 indulged in the products from green agriculture while making ravioli in Mulvaney’s B&L kitchen, tasting peaches freshly farmed by Soil Born Farms, sampling locally brewed hops from Ruhstaller, and preparing fresh fish with Passmore Farms. Laura Mason-Smith, President and Principal Consultant of Mason-Smith Success Strategies, concluded the day educating the group on how to use their personal strengths to turn challenges into opportunities and harness their collective strengths when completing their class project. It was a full day dedicated to growing our regions leaders and educating them on the importance of being green, both personally and professionally.

Thank you to Day Sponsor, Five Star Bank, and Lunch Sponsor, Mulvaney’s B&L!


#LS15 got a peek behind the scenes of our civil and criminal justice systems during Law & Order Day. #LS08 Alums and Day Chairs Kasey Cotulla, Delta Web Printing and Kelley Lincoln, Boutin Jones, LLC assembled the key players in the child welfare system to showcase the complexity of trying to protect children from abuse and neglect while also helping parents fulfill their roles so they can reunify with their children. The class learned about the staggering caseloads and scant resources the system provides, but also heard inspirational stories from foster youth who are now thriving and helping children in circumstances similar to their own.

The class then shifted gears at a lunch at the federal courthouse, where they received an overview of criminal prosecution from Sacramento County District Attorney Robin Shakely. The class concluded the day checking out the end product of DA Shakely’s work via a tour of the Sacramento County Jail. During its own up-close-and-personal episode of Orange is the New Black, the class learned about many issues influencing incarceration operations, including how personnel deal with inmate mental health and medical issues, how budget issues affect sentence lengths, how gangs operate inside the jail and influence prisoner classifications, and how dangers lurk everywhere inside for both prisoner and protector, despite constant monitoring. The class walked away “scared straight” (you do NOT want to be in there!) on a day one participant summed up as “less upbeat than previous LS15 days, but the most impactful.”

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Prior to going through Leadership Sacramento, I knew anywhere between 0 and 10% of the people at events. After Leadership Sacramento, those rooms have shrunk considerably and I now know anywhere between 40-60% of the attendees. There is no better feeling of having pre-existing relationships with dozens of people when you walk into a room like that. That is the power of Leadership Sacramento.

Scott Moak, Class of 2011 Sacramento Kings Foundation

Uptown Studios has had a participant in each year of Leadership Sacramento since 2012. The benefits that each of my employees gain from the experience far outweighs the investment. Suddenly we have another 35 people that get to know our team and build new relationships. Leadership Sacramento has helped position Uptown Studios as a leader in our community.

Tina Reynolds, Class of 2012 Uptown Studios

As a transplant to Sacramento, Leadership Sacramento (#LS14) was the perfect leadership program for me, not only because of the great fellowship or practical leadership skills gained, but because it taught me a lot about the Sacramento Region and how lucky we are to live in such a rich region steeped in history and tradition with amazing weather and even better people.

Dr. Michael Marion, Class of 2014 Drexel University

Participating in the Leadership Sacramento program was an amazing experience. Not only did I learn about our region’s initiatives, I was fortunate to be associated with an exceptional group of people that represented a wide span of industries. This diversity provided for well-rounded discussions during every class session and really opened my eyes to different perspectives. Participating in the class project as much as possible is a must! It brings great pride knowing that the Class of 2002 helped build a computer lab for Robert’s Family Development Center and that very computer lab continues to help many families in that community. I have recommended Leadership Sacramento to a lot of people and those that participated all agreed it was a great experience!

Karen Carr, Class of 2002 Stafford King Wiese Architects

Leadership Sacramento has given me so much insight into how many things impact the success of our city. We have so many amazing people, groups, and organizations that are leading programs, opening businesses, and supporting our community that it is hard not to fall in love with Sacramento and want to be part of the change. And as if it could get any better, the relationships you build among your classmates during your year together and beyond is something that you will treasure forever.

Megan Blackwell, Class of 2015 Otto Construction

For years I suffered from autophobia. After 12 sessions with Leadership Sacramento I’m happy to say I haven’t been alone at a a networking event since.

Phil Trethaway, Class of 2011 Position Interactive Inc.

I grew up in Roseville, so I am a native of the Sacramento region. However, it wasn’t until my year in Leadership Sacramento that I feel I truly got to know Sacramento. The program gave me an in-depth look at the history of our region and a better understanding of the economic, social and environmental issues that we face.Thanks to Leadership Sacramento, I had the opportunity to meet, and collaborate with, a talented and diverse group of energetic individuals who continue to inspire me, both professionally and personally. All in all, I feel that the program gave me a renewed sense of pride in Sacramento and a desire to remain civically engaged to help our region, and all of its residents, prosper.

Kate Wheatley, Class of 2010 Taylor & Wiley

As a graduate of Leadership Sacramento 2012, I am excited to take a leadership role in one of Metro Chamber’s most celebrated programs. Not only is it a great way to get to know the Sacramento community better, but it also offers its participants a networking opportunity that lasts a lifetime.

Allison Otto, Class of 2012 Otto Construction

Leadership Sacramento has been one of the most fulfilling personal and professional experiences of my life. From the relationships I’ve built with classmates to developing a better understanding of issues affecting our Region, Leadership Sacramento has been a game-changer for me. I feel fortunate to have been able to participate in such a tremendous program with extraordinary people.

William Hodges, Class of 2015 Mercy General Hospital

Leadership Sacramento is a phenomenal program. Not only is it educational, it also has been a wonderful opportunity for me to connect and develop relationships with leaders who share similar goals to make the Sacramento region the best it can be. I personally paid for my tuition to participate and I would do it again. Leadership Sacramento is an investment I would highly recommend to others. Whether you’re looking to learn more about Sacramento, develop your leadership skills, or expand your network – Leadership Sacramento is the place to be.

Verna Sulpizio, Class of 2015 West Sacramento Chamber of Commerce

Leadership Sacramento 2015 has enhanced my compassion, commitment, and involvement in our community.

Captain Bill Champion, Class of 2015 Sacramento Police Department

The Leadership Sacramento experience expands and develops the knowledge, influence, and leadership skills of all who participate. If you have a desire to become part of a network of professionals active in and committed to community issues, make the investment in Leadership Sacramento.

Mabel Salon, Class of 2001 UC Davis

“As a midwest transplant, Sacramento immediately felt like home when I arrived 12 years ago. As my family and I have become more and more engrained in our community, I wanted to find ways to do more, make an impact, know all of the inner workings of people and businesses in the region. Leadership Sacramento gave me the opportunity to meet people inside and outside of my industry that I may not have had a chance to come in contact with. The Metro Chamber’s continued support of this program shows its commitment to growing our region from the inside out. Leadership Sacramento has been a game-changer for me and I’m very thankful to my company (3fold Communications) for this opportunity to continue to learn and develop solutions for making our region an amazing place to live, work and play.”

Jamie Von Sossan, Class of 2015 3fold Communications

Leadership Sacramento offers an inside view of the many different sectors and industries in the greater Sacramento region. Thanks to what I learned from my program peers and the innovators who presented each month, I have a deeper sense of pride in our community and appreciation for the many people and organizations that power our local economy. Apply if you want to build your network with forward-thinking community leaders – they not only will be great professional contacts but also will become wonderful friends.

Michelle Silva, Class of 2015 UC Davis Health System

Leadership Sacramento has helped show me what my true skills and strengths are beyond what my job title suggests. The program has highlighted what I’m capable of doing to make my community better, both as a person and a professional in my industry.

Nick Baldi, Class of 2015 Buzz Oates Group of Companies

I’ve heard people refer to Leadership Sacramento as ‘life-changing’ and once upon a time, I thought that to be an exaggeration. It’s not. As a member of #LS11 and the program chair for #LS15, I stand by that statement and the program’s impact on each class member and this region. Those of us lucky enough to experience the year-long investment in ourselves and our communities benefit for a lifetime.

Holly Harper, Class of 2011 Sutter Health