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By Metro Chamber|September 22, 2015|Membership Spotlights|

Socks4Streets is a nonprofit organization that provides new socks to the homeless community and natural disaster victims throughout the Greater Sacramento area. As a way to fundraise and to raise awareness, we offer the public a FREE pedicab service.

You may ask- what are pedicabs? Pedicabs are human driven bikes that transport individuals to and from various destinations throughout the downtown area. The unique part about this service is that we do not charge the public for this service. It is absolutely free! Our drivers only accept tips or donations with portions of the proceeds benefiting our mission to provide socks to our homeless community and to maintain the maintenance of our pedicabs. So next time you need a ride, flag us down!

What is your company’s mission?
Socks4Streets was started to help inform the public of our homeless situation. Socks are a much needed commodity throughout the homeless communities in the greater Sacramento area. Homeless individuals do not have regular access to washing machines or other cleaning devices and possessing a clean pair of socks has become an irrelevant issue in our society. Most of society takes having a new or clean pair of socks as a given, but for those that are homeless, wearing the same pair of socks for days or even weeks could be hazardous to one’s health. This is one of many reasons that Socks4Streets was created.

When did you open?
Socks4Streets was established in October of 2013 and has been supplying socks to various homeless organizations such as the Elk Grove Food Bank and Loaves and Fishes of Sacramento with the hopes of continuing to assist other organizations that need of our services.

What do you enjoy most about owning your business?
Owning Socks4Streets has been a blessing from above, especially the pedicab part of our business. It gives us the opportunity to connect with the public. We offer a great service that provides rides throughout our lovely city for free, while discussing some of the issues regarding our homeless community. With all of the changes that are happening in downtown, operating a pedicab service has given us the opportunity to get our mission across to the caring people that have donated to our cause.

What is the most challenging part? 
The most challenging part of operating a nonprofit is without constant support from the public, be it monetary or merchandise donations, it has been very difficult to keep up with high demand for socks especially in the winter months. Hopefully with the donations from the public, we can eventually provide more than socks in the near future.

How has Metro Chamber helped grow your business? 
We’ve only been a member for 5 months. The benefits of being a Metro Chamber member has so far been great! I receive regular emails regarding upcoming events and received several phone calls from various business leaders and supporters throughout the Sacramento region. Becoming a member was a great decision for our organization.

What do you enjoy most about the Sacramento region? 
We have received overwhelming support from the City of Sacramento regarding what Socks4Streets stands for and we have transported many of our locals and many visitors from other regions.

What are your plans for business for the years to come?
Beside Brew Bike, Socks4Streets is the only pedicab service in the Sacramento area that gives back to our community and truly believes in what we do for our homeless or natural disaster victims. We will do our best to assist others who are in need of our services. So, remember when you donate either on our web page or take a ride on one of our pedicabs you are helping our mission. I would like to thank the donors for their contributions to Socks4Streets. For more information on how you can donate please visit our web page

Thaddeus Friday, President, 


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