Blog: A Q&A With Metro Chamber Foundation Board Member Michael Smith

By Metro Chamber|June 9, 2017|Foundation, Inspire Giving, Leadership Sacramento|

Meet Foundation Board member, Michael Smith! He was in Leadership Sacramento 2002 and served as the Leadership Sacramento Co-Chair in 2009 and Chair in 2010. He was the Chair of Inspire Giving since inception in 2009 and currently serves as Vice Chair. Michael is truly a leader in our community and we are lucky to have him involved in the Foundation.

Tell us about yourself!

I currently serve as the Aggregate Resource and Government Relations Manager for Teichert Materials and oversee the team responsible for all land use permits necessary to serve Teichert’s Materials operations throughout California. As part of his role, I am also responsible for government relations and community benefits for Teichert Materials and represent Teichert on CalCIMA’s Governmental and Legislative Affairs Committee as well as its PAC.

I work with several local nonprofits which include; Board Chair for the Cache Creek Conservancy in Yolo County; Board Member for the American River Parkway Foundation, Vice-Chair for the Sacramento Metro Chamber’s Inspire Giving Leadership Council, Board Member of the Sacramento Metro Chamber Foundation and past President of the Sacramento Tree Foundation Board of Directors.

How did you hear about Leadership Sacramento and what made you apply?

I had recently been hired at Teichert and my boss, Randy Sater, suggested I look into the program and apply. It was an opportunity that prior employment had never presented and I was intrigued by what I could gain professionally and personally by being a part of such a program.

How did you hear about Inspire Giving and what made you join as a member?

In 2009 I had the honor of co-chairing the Leadership Sacramento program at the same time that Randy Sater was Chair of the Metro Chamber Board of Directors. Randy had a vision for giving back to the community by way of awarding an annual grant along with a year of in-kind service through Chamber members to a selected non-profit. Similarly, the LS Class of 2009 also had a vision to “pay it forward” as part of their class project and worked in conjunction with Randy and the Metro Chamber to roll out the Inspire Giving program and endowment collectively. As for the decision to join, it was a no-brainer. I immediately believed in the possibilities of the program and the change that could result in our community if we all came together in our efforts. I believe I was one of the first three original Founding Members.

Why are you a member of the Metro Chamber Foundation Board and what kind of impact do you think it has/can have on the region?

My involvement on the Metro Chamber Foundation Board seemed like a natural fit. I had been deeply involved in Leadership Sacramento and Inspire Giving over the years, and the opportunity to further strengthen both programs along with Metro Edge was a huge draw for me to continue my involvement with the community and leadership development programs of the Metro Chamber. The coalescing of all three programs into a 501(c)3 to focus programmatically and financially on strengthening local community involvement and professional leadership will have significant and lasting impacts on our region.

Why is civic engagement and philanthropy important for our region?

As the saying goes, we are only as good as our weakest link…and that also applies to the Sacramento Region as a whole. The more we can assist others to achieve their goals in the non-profit world, the greater chance we have at succeeding and prospering as a region.

What has been your most meaningful interaction/experience/memory through Leadership Sacramento and/or Inspire Giving?

Too many to truly call out one, but certainly, the bonds I have created with those in my LS Class of 2002 are hard to ignore. More importantly, the confidence I gained in myself and the ability to make a difference as an individual was invaluable and actually life and career changing.

A quote you often say or live by?

“Each day is an opportunity to make a memory.”

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