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2022 Letter From Inspire Giving Chair

By Andrea Ellinghouse|February 9, 2022

A letter from our 2022 Inspire Giving Chair, Alan Hernandez Dear Inspire Giving Community, These have been some of the most tumultuous times that we as a society have gone through due to the global COVID pandemic. However, we’ve continued to be resilient in the face of adversity. In 2021,…

Inspire Giving 2021 Grant Recap: Improve Your Tomorrow

By Andrea Ellinghouse|October 12, 2021

Improve Your Tomorrow By Hasani Johnson, Improve Your Tomorrow 2021 Inspire Giving Grant Recipient Thanks to the generosity of the Inspire Giving grant, Improve Your Tomorrow (IYT) was able to use the funding to partner with Breakthrough Sacramento and purchase equipment, supplies, and material for students who participated in the…

2021 Letter From Inspire Giving Chair

By Andrea Ellinghouse|February 23, 2021

A letter from our 2021 Inspire Giving Chair, Heather Williams 2020 was a year… I started and stopped this letter many times, reflecting on 2020 and 2021 – it’s hard to find the right words to capture such a tumultuous year. Yet, we know it is important to reflect back…