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By Metro Chamber|October 31, 2017|Membership Spotlights|

COMCAST BUSINESS delivers a wide range of products and tools designed to provide you with the advanced business technologies to meet your needs, the scalability to grow with your business, and the value to save you money.

Comcast Business Internet provides a fast, reliable, secure and scalable Internet solution enabling you to better connect with employees and customers, saving you time and money. Offering download speeds up to one Gig and upload speeds up to 35 Mbps. Access private WiFi for your employees, public WiFi for your customers. You will also have access to Comcast Business Cloud SolutionsSM, an online marketplace of cloud-based applications for businesses.

Comcast Business Ethernet, You can bypass the public Internet and exchange data safely and securely up to 10Gbps, helping your organization to operate at peak performance. Serving mid-size to large organization.

  • Ethernet Private Line – Dedicated point-to-point connection between two sites
  • Ethernet Virtual Private Line – Dedicated point-to-multiple-point connections between locations
  • Ethernet Network Service – Cost-effective alternate to traditional hub and spoke network topologies
  • Ethernet Dedicated Internet – Simple, reliable and flexible enhanced fiber optic service

Comcast Business Voice gives you a reliable business phone service that is best in call clarity. Unlimited local, domestic long distance calling and advanced business phone management features designed to help you be more competitive – all included at no extra cost.  Comcast Business Voice Mobility, which gives you a host of easy-to-use mobility features that link your business phone to your iOS and Android mobile devices, so you are always connected.

Business VoiceEdge offers a complete managed voice solution in which Comcast manages all voice communications services. The managed voice solution minimizes capital expenditures, eliminates the need to manage and maintain a premise-based PBX or Key System, and ensures your voice communications system has the latest upgrades and technology.

Comcast Business TV

Business TV also offers packages for establishments like restaurants and bars with the best in sports, news, and family programming. Packages are priced at a monthly rate as opposed to seating occupancy so any establishment, regardless of size, can take advantage of our simple pricing plans.

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